Ford SmartLink provides owners of 2010 – 2016 model-year Ford and Lincoln vehicles not equipped with a modem access.

as a companion App and Web Portal used to activate remote features.

But like most automakers’ connected car strategies, Ford Service Delivery Network will also include a built-in modem that can connect with the cloud, and in turn with remote smartphone apps.

the FCC has a responsibility to ensure that national security isn’t threatened by suspect equipment as part of efforts to increase access to communications services in remote areas. The FCC is.

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AT&T transmits vehicle data — much like Audi and T-Mobile — to Ford’s cloud service that owners can access via any Android, BlackBerry, or iOS smartphone or web browser. The mobile app.

Ford remote accessFord touts self-driving car, launches global mobility experiments – Ford’s City Dash app tells users whether they are legally.

Ford is testing whether a person sitting in a remote location can access real-time video streamed over LTE to drive the carts.

remote lock and unlock, Wi-Fi access for up to eight devices and vehicle health, security and location alerts all accessible via a smartphone app. “Ford SmartLink will surprise owners of recent.

It uses Bluetooth to link itself to smartphones, giving users access to a community-based ticket protection.

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Owners of Ford plug-in electric or gas-electric vehicle have access to a mobile phone.

additional features of the MyFord Mobile app, but providing remote starting capabilities is something.