In this awesome update of Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, Annoying Orange creates an epic war between dressers and tables! Yup, you read that right. Also, watch out because the newest insane creature.

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If you have wondered just how many Jedi from 300 would die in an epic battle against 60,000 medieval footmen, your wait is over as YouTube are SergiuHellDragoonHQ has used the Ultimate Epic Battle.

This is Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator at its most effective. It’s less a game than a tool for generating ridiculous combat scenarios. Experienced as a bite-sized chunk of surreal action.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is not a game that lets you fight battles. It’s a game that asks you to set them up to the man, then press a button, sit back and watch the chaos unfold.

It’s the sort of question that can keep you up at night. If 10,000 plucky chickens met 20 deadly T. rex dinosaurs on the battlefield, which side would win? We now have an answer thanks to a video.

but what’s really important here is, thanks to a PC game called Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, I finally get to see the universe’s most revered warriors battle Earth’s most fearsome predator.

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Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is currently in Early Access so expect some more additions before the game is ready for prime time. It’s available with a launch week discount of $14.39 on Steam.