sophomoric — “American Teen.” It’s not every star that gets to count the second full-length release as the better one, but it makes more sense when you remember, as Khalid reminded the.

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Khalid charms a youthful, sold-out crowd at the X who sang along to every song – During “American Teen,” he approached.

trying too hard. Khalid’s young audience surely appreciates how mellow and approachable he is, but the real draw is in his lyrics, which detail.

In fact, many of the artists’ lyrics cater more to adults.

After his first album release, 2017’s American Teen, Khalid followed up late this year with the EP SunCity, which is stacked with.

Khalid - American Teen (Lyrics)Khalid is giving social media sadness a soulful soundtrack – Fervently singing lyrics that hit you.

in the slipstream of what made American Teen work so well. But it also hints at other lanes in the sonic highway for Khalid to cruise in.

From the shrieks that greeted Khalid at Radio City — hell, that greeted the.

and Selena Gomez — by the time of the set-opening American Teen title track, Khalid’s rapturous, high-pitched.

But another reason, though, is that while his lyrics are very much of the.

(SOUNDBITE OF SONG, "AMERICAN TEEN") KHALID: (Singing) Living a good life full of good vibes. My eyes are on the.

His debut album, American Teen, continues in the same vein.

that’s equal parts ambient and emotionally torrential. Khalid’s fraught lyrics ("Surrounded by your skin / You feel my heartbeat.