REVIEW: Kehlani finds her voice in “SweetSexySavage” – Kehlani’s strong vocals are featured on tracks such as “Everything Is Yours” and “Escape.” In “Advice,” despite somewhat cliché lyrics, such as “You had to break me, take me to make me better. But I.

It’s about the difficulties of holding onto what’s yours, everything from your ideas and.

and sat on the floor in front of the TV and wrote the lyrics to my first song.

I’ve had to learn patience from everything I have been through growing.

and it did not work out for you," don’t compare our relationship to yours. I am not doing anything of that sort to.

About “2017 Ben Carter Album Listening Log” No target, just going to log every new album or EP I listen to in 2017. "2017 Ben Carter Album Listening Log" Track Info.

I’ve got to be carrying that around the whole time, because I carry everything.

a fun link up between Kehlani and north London rapper Little Simz –her lyrics reveal an artist with an.

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The latest tracks vary from talking about everything from the lyrical master.

Some of the album feature artists include Skylar Grey, Beyonce, Kehlani, Ed Sheerhan and Phresher.

Some people can try and copy it but, if it’s yours.

is because everything has melody. In a lot of cases the melody is catchier than the lyrics. Music is just so moody. Without music in.

I’ve Googled interviews with him, and I really like the way he writes his lyrics. Someone should make.

what sets my tunes apart is the feeling. Everything I touch is 800% melody driven, so.