Happily, Art Angels emerges from healthier times.

Highlight cuts California, Realiti and Kill V. Maim blitz sugar rush harmonies with pulsing basslines, while the title track takes its cues from.

Through energetic choreography, an infusion of French and English lyrics and a mashup of some of Kanye West.

So Grimes concluded the night with upbeat song, “Kill V. Maim.” Grimes started strong.

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Track Stars: Add tunes by Grimes, Ryan Boldt, Quantum Tangle to your playlist – Grimes, Kill V. Maim. Blissful, bouncing-off-the-walls electro.

His tender guitar licks almost disguise her tough-to-swallow lyrics — “My parents, they don’t like me” and “Now I.

And “Kill.

v. Maim,” a highly structured pop tune driven by a thrumming rhythm guitar and pulsing synths, is made delightfully bizarre by Grimes’ vocal flexibility and aggressive, punky.

Flesh Without Blood and Kill V. Maim. Having played here in 2013 and filmed her music video for her song REALiTi at Gardens by the Bay, she worked the stage with familiarity. Despite a slight slip.

Scream was sung in Russian as Boucher admitted she couldn’t speak its Mandarin lyrics, originally by Taiwanese.

And what a finale it was. Kill V Maim, the best track off her new Art Angels.

But as she was thanking her audience at the end of her slayer track “Kill V. Maim,” I burned the last.

own my tear ducts with her darkly honest lyrics and voice that bores straight into.

“Kill v. Maim” features her voice elevated to chipmunk.

Other songs feature upbeat pop melodies and cheerful instrumentation over pained lyrics. With this incredible release, I think.