Using the Smule app, Tom made a duet performance of singer Jessie J’s “Flashlight,” and it garnered more than 22 million views. Ellen asked Tom to perform on the show and then surprised him.

The Jessie J fan duet video has gone viral across the video and if you haven’t already caught it, it’s a must see below! 18 year old Tom Bleasby from the UK has become an instant internet sensation.

by Smule, brings the love of Pinoys for Karaoke with more than 500,000 songs to choose from. It also allows users to record a video duet with their favorite artists like Jessie J and Jason Derulo.

Flashlight with Jessie J and Tommy Bleasby (Pitch Perfect 2)Tears prompt impromptu duet at Jessie J concert – Jessie J then passed him a microphone and instead of singing one of her tracks or doing a duet, the pair engaged.

what a song is going to do, but the Smule app definitely helped as it gave.

A teenager from Leeds has become an overnight internet sensation after singing a virtual duet with Jessie J. Tom Bleasby’s sing.

own contribution using the Smule app. The two separate.

June 03, 2015 – 16:52 BST Watch video: you won’t believe how good this teenager’s sensational virtual duet with Jessie J is.

had recorded for Smule’s Sing!

The now viral video of Jessie J., which was uploaded on social music application Smule, allows netizens to have a chance to have a duet with the singer.

An amazing Jessie J virtual duet with a Leeds superfan has gone viral. The singer and Tom Bleasby used a karaoke app to each record their own versions of ‘Flashlight’ – Jessie J’s track from Pitch.

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WATCH THE VIDEO NEXT Using the new app Smule.

Jessie J with a impromptu reunion and the pair wowed US audiences with their signature version of Flashlight. Forget flashlights, Tom Bleasby.