Roman Tritz, Last Surviving Veteran Lobotomized by the U.S., Dies at 97 – World War II bomber pilot Roman Tritz, the last known survivor of a U.S. government program to lobotomize mentally ill combat veterans, died Friday at the age of 97.

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fighting their fiercest battles since the landings in France, and the German high command declared the battle is approaching its climax.

In 2017, while reading an article in the Experimental Aircraft Association’s magazine Warbirds of America, Scheil came across a photo of a famous World War II Piper L-4 Grasshopper.

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In letters home, he wrote lyrical descriptions of the French countryside, but in the air he was so aggressive that his rash attacks on German aircraft sometimes.

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With the 75th anniversary of Japan’s surrender during World World II, children of two POWs from eastern Pennsylvania talk.

Officially adopting France as her homeland in 1937, she would dedicate herself to the French Resistance during WWII. The beautiful Baker in her revealing costumes had the perfect disguise, German.

and he entered manhood at the start of World War II. He served in the resistance movement during the German occupation from 1940-45, then resumed a career with the Norwegian State Railroad.

Inhabited for some 250,000 years, by the time the Spanish arrived in the 16th century the islands had been trading with Chinese merchants for hundreds of years and Islamic settlers from Brunei lived.