The regulars at the United T1 forums keep them coming, this time hacking the Texas Instruments Nspire graphing calculator. We enjoy seeing the exploits that unlock the backend of these types of.

divide and maybe do square roots. He chose the code name, Project Cal Tech, for this endeavor, which seemed logical as TI had previously had a Project MIT. Rather than study how existing.

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How to find cube Root on ti 89 titaniumWatch Me Try To Explain Infiniti’s Variable Compression Engine – and I love nerding out with other TI-89 totin’, khaki wearing, pocket protector-having math geeks. And yet, I knew the best way to explain Infiniti’s Variable Compression engine would be to.

Educators asked how much students should even learn written procedures for multiplication, division, and taking square roots. Parents bought new.

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Two new proof-of-concept viruses target the TI-89 graphing calculator.

Imagine the fun if a virus circulated that changed the square root of 1, or decided that pi equals 2.