Elliot Giles is the unfortunate victim of Ben’s (who is a social media star known for pulling pranks like this, so maybe his friends should expect this kind of thing more often). "Elliot’s got a.

Prankster Ben Phillips and long-suffering half-brother Elliot Giles join BUILD to talk about their new book ‘School Of Pranks’, which expands on the work of their smash hit YouTube channel.

After travelling the world making content with other Viner’s in late 2014, BEN decided to migrate from Vine to Facebook and brought Elliot on board as his partner in production and prank subject.

The 22 minute pilot, which will air on Comedy Central this spring, is currently titled Ben Phillips Blows Up. The pilot will feature Phillips and his circle of friends playing a prank on Elliott, only.

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Ben VS Elliot (Cancelled) – The 26-year-old from Bridgend in South Wales has become one of the biggest influencers on the planet following his viral prank videos – from the groundbreaking.

out 2 successful UK and Worldwide.

Dalvin Cook is focused on the positives.

I’m ready for Indianapolis’: LB Ben Boulware on the combine and his Sour Patch Kids prank Exactly how much of a running-back draft revolution.

And then he had his attempted prank of a CNN reporter backfire when.

in question wasn’t submitted by a fan. It was drafted by Ben Wetmore, with whom O’Keefe has worked for years.

We love a good prank as much as anyone.

the victim of social media star Ben Phillips, who rose to prominence by doing similar stunts to people on Vine. "Elliot’s got a date tonight and.

Ben Phillips PRANK Compilation  [3 Hour]Youtube Bans ‘Dangerous’ Pranks Following Concern Over Bird Box Challenge – “YouTube is home to many beloved viral challenges and pranks.

uploaded to prankster Ben Phillips’ YouTube channel on Sunday. In the video, Phillips’ partner, Elliot Giles, is filmed.