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This scene and the dialogue has broken into a series of memes. *When Sharmaji caught you while smoking at your nearest tapri.

I’ll never know the impotent rage of being profiled, or encounter institutionalized hurdles to success because of my skin or.

Twitter loses it over Russell Wilson’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder meme – Dolly Parton’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder meme is taking over the internet, and no one is safe.

January 24,

It’s a meme used to.

breakdown Founder of US-based trademark attorneys Gerben Law Firm, Josh Gerben, said the filing meant Fox had a "bona fide intent to use this name for a television show".

Justin Bieber, if that is even your real name.

” John began.

s first time addressing Justin over their unicycle.

Despite the troubling context, people are making memes of the virus primarily due to its’ name. “I keep hearing about.

Cleveland Museum of Art, 3News personalities, others join in on ‘Dolly Parton Challenge’ meme craze – well, Tinder, you’ve likely seen the meme. Some are calling it the "social challenge," but did you know that country music.

Nyong’o already won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 2014 for 12 Years a Slave, but Best Actress is calling her name with.

it’s also given us these lovely, hilarious memes and tweets.

this collection of the 13 best "Thank U, Next" memes was born. The song is a bop, no doubt, but it’s also a tongue-in-cheek shout-out to a few of her famous exes. In the track, Grande name drops.